Marianna Frantz, CTP, LMT

Massage/Bodywork Practice


The sensations and feelings that a client experiences during and after a session tell a rich story.

:D   "Your hands are warm magic.  I feel healing happening in my body."  (Nelly)

:P    "You just took out all the stress.  My body does not feel like a burden.  It feels spacious and light -- like my dreams of jellyfish people and mermaids--floating and free. My joints feel less rigid--more like the softness of a quilt." (Heidi)


:)  "This work takes me totally out of my fibromyalgia.  I want my rheumatoid specialist to refer his patients to you.  Your hands are so soft and the movement is safe and effective." (Robin)

:D   "I love how your work is so sneaky and subtle working out knots without causing pain to do so."  (Jim)

:)    "I have to laugh--that movement reminds me of being a child and having fun."  (Maddy)

:D   "The small movements stimulate, entice, and invite the body to feel well--feel loosened.  It lessens the fear, stiffness, disconnectedness, and aloneness of disability.  One tenses up around one's disability.  The session brings a pleasantness and comfortability to it and you say, 'Yes, I can do something.' " (Heidi)

Quotes The Trager work feels like being at the ocean with its waves,ebbs, and flow. Quotes

Quotes "What I love about the TRAGER Approach is that because it's so gentle and safe, it allows you to go internal and feel the connectedness of everything" Quotes


     My comment about there being "no separation between the physical and the spiritual" has its basis in what I experience as I conduct a session.  I feel more than the physicality of the body.  A variety of sensations enter my hands such as heat - cold - ripples of movement - prickly sensations.  Sometimes I feel numerous fibers within a muscle shifting position together in a flowing movement. This can happen whether I'm doing Reiki, Trager, Swedish massage or deep connective tissue massage.

     These healing sensations are not produced by the body's tissues.  They are caused by ENERGY--a non-physical current within  tissue that I call SPIRIT. This energy exists outside the body as well as within it. When I teach the Trager Mentastics to a client, I am teaching them to feel that current of energy by doing subtle body awareness work that can change body habits.

     Recall experiences you have had when you felt that somebody was "in your face."  This is an example of you feeling your own energy, and feeling it invaded. It is not a physical experience--yet you do not doubt that what you are feeling is "real."

     These "real" sensations also are evidence of healing on an emotional level. The field of Body Psychology tells us that the tissues hold the stories of our lives on all levels. The Trager Approach recognizes that by calling the work Psycho-physical Integtration as well as an "approach" to life that can be preventive medicine. Chronic Pain is an example of physical pain that often has  emotional/psychological/spiritual components that we can more easily understand, but all pain and traumas can be worked on from any or all levels.

     This emphasis of Mind/Body Integration was already being taught (ahead of its time) in the early 80's when I attended and graduated from PMTI (Potomac Massage Training Institute) and became a member of AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association).  When I became a practitioner of the Trager Approach and a member of USTA (United States Trager Association), that emphasis and focus on "real" sensations was even more refined by using movement to go deep into the tissues to feel that non-physical current. That is why clients have described my work as "MARIANNA'S AWESOME BODYWORK."

     Bodywork methods help us learn to live in our bodies with more awareness, pleasure, and freedom. It's never too late to release old patterns.  I work with a group of practitioners called Hands-On-Elders offering low cost clinics in the Northampton, Massachusetts area.